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What we do

“The test of the morality of a society is what it does for children”

Dietrich Bonhoeefer

Poverty they say is the mother of crime, even when wars against nations are fought to change maps, wars against poverty are fought to map change. The best way to predict the future, is to create it.

Statistics has shown that(survey showing the percentage rate of poverty stricken women and children in Nigeria with reference)

To help eradicate poverty, we help, empower and save lives through the following scheme;

Education support program

“Give them weapon called EDUCATION, they will definitely win the war called POVERTY”

In doing this, we grant scholarships to the brilliant indigent children/children that can’t afford education.

Health foundation

Establishment of connection with every government hospital in different states of the country to treat emergency life threatening sicknesses and diseases of indigent children / children whose parents cannot afford it. This is to save the life of a child at the verge of death whose life we can preserve by giving.

We sponsor treatment of children who are sick and cannot afford health care

Establishment of mobile clinics in rural arears of different states of the country to give free health care and free drugs.


Provision of basic needs such as; foodstuffs, gift items, shelter, clothing and basic amenities.

Looking into the possibility of floating an orphanage with possibility of adopting children.

Looking into other ways of help, life and hope to children who really need it.


We create empowerment opportunity through livelihood vocational skills and entrepreneurship for the gifted or desiring underprivileged, also establishing them and helping them get a location to exhibit what they’ve been trained with if need be